22 ways to be more sustainable

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of the world’s most necessary holiday, here are 22 sustainable tips you can integrate into your life. If you can, I challenge you to do at least one of these things today. As always, remember sustainability is not about being perfect, it’s about doing what you can to reduce your footprint and live more thoughtfully.

  1. Pick up. Gather litter and dispose of it properly.
  2. Anticipate plastic. Ask servers to skip the straw, bring your own silverware, and pack your travel mug.
  3. Share. Host a clothing swap with your friends, use trading apps like BUNZ, and take public transit.
  4. Take only what you need. Buy less at the grocery store and order smaller portions to prevent food waste.
  5. Shop second hand. Not just clothes—books, household items, technology, and dishware, too.
  6. Choose Recyclables. If you have to use disposable packaging, choose highly recyclable materials like glass and aluminum.
  7. Compost. Make your own or sign up for a local collection service (Mine’s about $14 per month for a household of three).
  8. Learn more. Check out your local recycling collection service’s website for information about what is recyclable, what’s not, and how to sign up (if you aren’t already).
  9. Support Local. Buy local to support your community’s economy, save money on shipping, and reduce your carbon footprint.
  10. Green up your laundry. Use cold water to wash your clothes and hang dry inside or outdoors instead of using the dryer.
  11. BYOB. Bring your own bag. Put it in your purse, your car, or by the door so you don’t forget.
  12. Bring lunch. Avoid disposable packaging by bringing your lunch in reusable dishware.
  13. Vote with your $. Cut back or avoid spending money at unethical or fast fashion companies.
  14. Sew it. Learn how to sew and mend your clothes to extend their useful life.
  15. Meatless Monday. Eat less meat, become a vegetarian or vegan, and adopt a more plant-based diet.
  16. Say no to meal services. Individually-packaged everything? Plastic ice packs? Ah. Stop your subscription ASAP and learn how to meal prep.
  17. Wash less. Only wash your clothes when they truly need it to preserve their materials and reduce energy use.
  18. In the bag. Make or buy your own produce bags.
  19. Say no to Keurig. Stop using single-use Keurig cups. They’re terrible. End of story.
  20. Tis the season. Buy in-season produce.
  21. Clean up your clean-up routine. Wash your hair less. Its unnecessary to wash hair every day and even cutting back by one wash per week can save a lot of water.
  22. Get out there. Support your local nature preserves and parks. Donate to organizations making strides to protect our natural environment.

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