a sustainable underwear guide

What’s a girl gotta do to get some decent underwear around here?

My search for the perfect pair of panties has been a never-ending one. From finding flattering styles and cuts to comfortable materials, its taken years to figure out what I actually liked and, even harder still, finding what I like at a reasonable price.

In the past year, I really started to notice how cheap and non-withstanding my current undies were. Waistbands became detached and fabrics seemed to just chip away after every wash.

Whatsmore, like many women, I’ve struggled with PH imbalances and other down-under difficulties for much of my life. As I started doing more research on how I could improve my overall vaginal health, I began to realize cheap designs weren’t the only issue with my underwear: Many companies’ materials and supply chain are rife with components that showed my health and wellbeing was being sacrificed for a quick profit.

At most commercial fast-fashion stores, you can walk in and find a pair of underwear for $5. You think What a deal! Well, yeah, it is a deal. But at a very major cost. Brands like H&M and Victoria’s Secret are guilty of supporting cheap and deregulated labor. Even after the catastrophic 2013 Rana Plaza collapse that killed 1,100 garment workers, H&M still has loose fire exit codes that put factory workers’ lives at risk.

And then there’s all that waste. The garment industry is the world’s second most polluting industry, responsible for 20% of the world’s water pollution. All those lacy digs and synthetic materials are a far cry from “eco-friendly”. And what many people don’t know, is that fast-fashion brands rely heavily on toxic chemicals to create their undergarments, including cyanide, which can cause cancer, and even heavy metals.

But now for some good news. After being called out, some fast-fashion companies have set long-term goals to change their unsustainable and unethical practices, including lowering their emissions and improving the quality of their materials. But I say, too little too late. After all, us ladies can’t wait until 2020 to find a great pair of knickers. So, in the meantime, here are some brands you can trust with your goods.

Organic Basics

Based in Copenhagen, Organic Basics is committed to using only class A and B fabrics, including ethically-grown organic Turkish cotton, and keep their environmental footprint low with European-based factories.  


Yes, Knickey is so fine—but the company’s also out to create a product that helps the nearly 300 million women who suffer from vaginal health problems each year. Making breathable, organic cotton panties in a range of styles and sizes, Knickey makes you look just as good as your vag will feel.


Started by a dynamic female duo ready to shake up the intimates world, TomboyX sets out to make undergarments more accessible for individuals at all points of the size and gender spectrum, offering non-toxic underwear made for literally every-body.

Azura Bay

Need a little lace in your life? I get that. Azura Bay shows traditional lingerie brands how it is with delicate and sexy intimates, most made by female-owned brands. And if that’s not enough, every pair also gives back.  

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