sustainable valentine’s day gift guide

Love is in the air—last minute gifts and CVS cards, included. So in the spirit of the cupid’s arrow, here are some sustainable suggestions for your sweetheart(s). 

Feeling cheeky.

Lacy underwear are a Valentine’s Day go-to. But if you’re looking for some more long-standing real estate, give your girl a pair of undies she can really live in. Made from certified organic cotton, Knickey underwear let lady parts breathe and are naturally free of nasty pesticides you’d find in commercial panties. Available in thongs, bikinis, hipsters, and briefs, the best way to find a pair she’ll love is to just buy one of each.

Shop Knickey

Stay golden.

I remember the first jewelry a significant other gave me. Let’s just say, some forms of animal branding were more tasteful. The thing was silver with the first letter of his name on one side and the first letter of mine on the other. At the time, I wore it as a badge of honor—that is, until we broke up and it met its fateful demise in a donation bin at Goodwill. Wait, what was I writing about? Oh yeah, bad jewelry—avoid it at all times. Instead, opt for one of these made-to-order necklaces by GLDN. Each piece is created by one of these lovely ladies and 10% of all profits go to charity, including and the National Immigration Law Center. Now, that’s true love.

For your girl.

Long Y 

Cheeky Heart 


For the girls.

Three Graces 


Hand Gestures

Time well spent.

If you’re really into your boo, then no gift can ever replace their company. Depending on your budget and availability, this could be as simple as illegally streaming their favorite movie while enjoying some Maryjane and popcorn. Or, you could spring for generosity and do something like dog sledding or a weekend getaway. Regardless, this gift isn’t so much about extravagance as it is the thought that went into the idea in the first place.

Give them your word.

As a copywriter, a card is the best way for me to express as my feels and more importantly, gives me an excuse to go to my favorite store in Harvard Square, Black Ink, and scour the racks until I find a card with the personality I’m searching for. You could even take a trip to your local craft store to make your own card or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, consider DIYing the whole thing.

Let’s get physical. 

This one goes out to you and yours.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Bad day? Things are looking up.

You get it.

Have sex kids, safe sex.

No matter if it’s your first date, your fifth year together, or you just matched on Tinder, give you and your partner(s) the gift of regretless coitus. Created by Meika Hollender—who also happens to be the daughter of Jeffery Hollender, founder of Seventh Generation—Sustain is dedicated to demystifying and destigmatizing some of life’s most avoided topics: Sex and periods. Sustain condoms are FSC certified, created from sustainably sourced rubber, and triple tested for tear-free, care-free sex. And hey, while you’re at IT, why not grab some of their lube and massage oil, too. With all that in your arsenal, may as well skip dinner and just go straight for dessert.

Oh, and did I mention I have an OFFER CODE? Use POWELL10 at checkout for 10% off your first order.

Shop Sustain

Happy V day, lovebirds,


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